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Camera Tracking Nuke to Maya

This tutorial will go over the steps on how to Track a LiveAction scene in NukeX6.0v5 and export the information from Nuke and bring it into Maya 2011. The purpose of doing this is so we are able to create 3D objects and environments and integrate them into a LiveAction shot seemlessly with the original background plates. 

*Note this will only work in NukeX6.0v5 or newer. This process will not work in the regular Nuke or PLE versions because it does not contain a CameraTracker.


1) Create a Read node that will store your camera footage you want to track

2) Add a CameraTracker node by going to 3D > CameraTracker or press tab on the keyboard and type in CameraTracker


3) Plug the Source of the CameraTracker1 into your Read node

4) In the Properties of CameraTracker1, if you want to Track the entire seqence of your footage you can leave the Analysis Range to Source Clip Range. However, if your only trying to track a certain number of frames of the footage, Change the Analysis Range to Analysis Range. Which then will allow you to type in the Start and Stop frames


5) Under the Display Options, Click Track Features

6) Once it is finished analyzing your footage you will see three different colored points. Green = Good Yellow = Ok Red = Bad


7) Click Solve Camera in the Display Options. Nuke will then determine which are the best tracks to use and keep all the usable tracks and get of the rest

8) Click Create Scene

Exporting Information out of Nuke 

In order to export the information out of Nuke to Maya, one way that I found is to use a gizmo created by Martin Minsel. Which can be downloaded at the following link:

1) Go to File > Import Script.. and pop up menu show up. Navigate to where you saved the createMayaScene.gizmo and Click Open

2) Once you've imported the gizmo it is pretty straight forward. From the gizmo Plug the Read into your Read1 Node, Cam to Camera1, Scene input goes to Scene1

3) In the Properties menu for the Gizmo type in the names of the Nodes.

For Ex:
Read Node - Read2
Tracking Node - CameraTracker2
Camera Node- Camera2

*Names can vary depending on if you changed the Name of the Node or created multiple of the same node.

4) For the mayaScene, Click on the folder and navigate to the location in which you want the information to be stored once executed and give it a maya file name. Ex: (only .ma files will work not .mb)

5) Click Execute 

Importing Tracking Data to Maya


Thanks for checking out my Camera Tracking tutorial. Hope this helps!

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